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If you’re looking for bike or motorbike trailers for sale in Melbourne that are 100% Australian made and crafted from the highest quality locally sourced steel, look no further than Blue Star Trailers. We’re proud to offer bike trailers for sale in Melbourne that are built to last and loaded with fantastic features.

In our 20 years of being in business, Blue Star Trailers has earned itself a great reputation as one of the best manufacturers of both standard and custom bike trailers. Our bicycle and motor bike trailers for sale are made from the highest quality materials on the market, ensuring that they’re highly durable, easy to operate, and have the heavy load bearing capability needed to secure and transport bicycles and motorbikes.


There’s nothing more important than the safety of both our customers and their bikes when they’re on the move. Well-built bike trailers such as ours are made with this in mind and are very safe to use. Our bike trailers are specifically made for the purpose of transporting bicycles and motorbikes and can provide an extremely stable and secure platform for your valuable load. Although bikes can be tied down onto a flatbed trailer, purpose-built bike trailers offer a more convenient and safer option.

Blue Star Trailers’ team of qualified and experienced trailer manufacturers have extensive knowledge when it comes to all kinds of trailers. If you want to buy a bike trailer in Melbourne, we can supply you with one that meets your needs while also complying with Australian Standards.


If you’re looking to get a trailer that’s custom built to secure and transport your bicycle or motorbike, be sure to get in touch with Blue Star Trailers. We can design and build custom bike trailers in multiple sizes and designs, with countless aspects that can be tailored to fulfil your particular requirements and given specifications. If you want to buy a bike trailer, we recommend that you speak to one of our trailer experts. We’ll take note of your requirements and recommend a suitably sized trailer along with any extra features you might require.


Blue Star Trailers’ range of bicycle and motor bike trailers for sale provide our customers with a convenient, affordable and stable method of safely transporting bikes from one location to another. They’re designed to make it very straightforward to secure your bikes in an upright position and ensure they stay that way, preventing the chance of them falling over and getting damaged while in transit. Bike trailers also feature lightweight construction, which allows them to be easily towed by most types of cars, utes and trucks.


  • 5 leaf springs
  • 750 kg GVM
  • 75x50x3mm draw bar
  • Checker plate floor and channels
  • Checker plate ramp
  • Jerry can holders
  • LED lights
  • Spare wheel bracket
  • Tie down points

If you’re looking for the best bike trailer for sale, our options are fully primed and sealed and come with two coats of paint, making them a superior choice.


Whether you need a bike trailer in Melbourne or you’re after motorbike trailers for sale in Melbourne, look no further than Blue Star Trailers. Browse our available trailers online today, call us on (03) 9042 4390 or contact us online to obtain more information on our bike trailers for sale in Melbourne.

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