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If you’re searching for bobcat trailers in Melbourne that are 100% Australian made and crafted from locally sourced steel, look no further than Blue Star Trailers. Bobcats are a handy piece of industrial machinery, but as they can’t be driven on roads, they require a special trailer. If you’re looking for the best bobcat trailer for sale, Blue Star Trailers has you covered. We can provide you with a bobcat trailer that’s built to last and constructed from the highest quality locally sourced Australian steel. We have a number of new bobcat trailers for sale in Melbourne, with options that come with a range of great features such as checker plate ramps, two coats of paint, checker plate floors, LED lights, jerry can holders, spare wheel brackets, and more.

Blue Star Trailers has helped countless customers who required a bobcat for sale in Victoria while also needing a suitable trailer to tow it from one location to another. We’re proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of bobcat trailers in Melbourne, with over 20 years of experience in the trailer manufacturing sector. We’ve designed and built custom made bobcat trailers in Melbourne to fulfil a range of heavy-duty hauling requirements, supplying solutions that help you get the job done.


The safety of both our customers and the bobcats they use is of great importance to us. Every bobcat and trailer for sale at our Melbourne premises is well-built and has been designed with safety concerns in mind. Our bobcat trailers in Melbourne are specially made for the purpose of transporting bobcats from worksites and storage facilities, providing a dependable and stable platform for your valuable piece of equipment.

Every bobcat trailer Blue Star Trailers makes is designed and manufactured with the latest technology on the market and made with high-quality materials sourced from respectable suppliers from across Australia. This means we can guarantee that every bobcat trailer in Melbourne we build has a high load bearing capacity, is made to last for years, will provide optimal performance, have a great design and finish, and comply with Australian safety standards.


  • Checker plate ramps
  • Two coats of paint
  • Checker plate floors
  • LED lights
  • Jerry can holders
  • Spare wheel brackets
  • And more


If you’re planning to buy a bobcat with trailer for sale, you should consider getting a trailer that’s customised for your specific needs. Blue Star Trailers can build bobcat trailers in various designs and sizes that will ensure that your bobcat will perfectly fit onto the trailer. This is highly recommended to ensure that your bobcat will correctly fit the trailer and therefore remain secure when it’s being driven to a different location. Bobcats are very valuable pieces of equipment and must be looked after properly at all times, including when it they’re being transported. By speaking to one of our trailer experts, you can get a bobcat trailer that will fulfil your particular requirements perfectly.


For a high-quality 100% Australian made bobcat trailer, Blue Star Trailers has you covered. Call us on (03) 9042 4390 or contact us online and a member of our staff will be happy to discuss your needs with you and help you find a suitable bobcat trailer for sale.

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