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Blue Star Trailers has you covered when you need cattle trailers in Melbourne. Our cattle trailers for sale are 100% Australian made and crafted from the highest quality locally sourced steel. Cattle trailers need to be able to stand the test of time, and when you buy cattle trailers in Melbourne from Blue Star Trailers, you can rest assured that they’re going to do just that. With a range of great features including two coats of paint, checker plate floors, LED lights, jerry can holders, spare wheel brackets and much more, there’s no better destination if you’re asking yourself “where can I find cattle trailers for sale near me?”


Blue Star Trailers is renowned in the Australian cattle sector thanks to our high-quality trailers our Melbourne based cattle crate manufacturers make. Our cattle crate trailers for sale are all built in accordance with the latest developments in the cattle sector. They’re fully hot dipped galvanised and made to endure the wear and tear that they’ll get put through on a regular basis.

If you’re searching for a company that has high-quality cattle crate trailers for sale that are safe to use, highly durable, and built in accordance with Australian standards, you’ll find what you need at Blue Star Trailers. All of our cattle trailers are designed to make sure your cattle get to their destination safely and are high enough to stop cattle from being able to jump out.


Although our standard sized cattle crate trailers for sale are all more than capable of fulfilling many of our customers’ cattle transportation requirements, Blue Star Trailers’ team of professional cattle crate manufacturers understands that not all of them will be suitable for every customer’s particular needs. This is why Blue Star Trailers designs and builds custom cattle trailers of the highest quality to suit each customer’s exact needs.

Our team of qualified cattle crate manufacturers have the expertise required to understand all kinds of cattle transportation requirements and make a trailer that will completely fulfil them. If you only have one animal that will need transporting to various locations on a regular basis, we can custom make a trailer that can be safely towed by a car, helping you to save money. However, if you need a trailer that’s capable of transporting groups of cattle, we can make a trailer that will be durable enough to do so and can be safely towed by a prime mover vehicle.


If you’re searching for cattle trailers for sale, contact the team at Blue Star Trailers today. We’re happy to help in any way possible and will be able to answer any questions you may have in regards to cattle trailers. Give us a call on (03) 9042 4390 or contact us online, or visit us in person to browse our range of cattle trailers in Melbourne in person.

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