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Golf carts are handy when it comes to getting around the golf course, but a good golf cart trailer is an equally important investment. If you’re looking for golf carts trailers for sale in Melbourne, Blue Star Trailers has you covered. We can supply you with a golf cart trailer that’s crafted from quality locally sourced materials and made entirely in Australia. Our golf cart tilt trailers for sale come with a range of great features, including checker plate floors, spare wheel brackets, two coats of paint, LED lights, jerry can holders, and more.

Built to Blue Star Trailers’ well-known high standards for durability and strength, every golf buggy trailer for sale at our store can also be used as a standard box trailer, making them very versatile products that can carry out a wide range of tasks. Our golf buggy trailer options also come with tie-down rails, a tipping mechanism that makes loading and unloading golf carts quick and easy, and a long draw-bar for reversing the cart off the trailer.


All of the standard golf cart tilt trailers for sale at our store come with a big tailgate that folds down so it can be used as a steady loading ramp. This ramp can be tilted so it can be set at a suitable angle for driving the cart on and off the trailer. Our standard golf cart trailers for sale also include a checker plate floor, mud guards that include a step to help you climb on and off the trailer, and rails on three sides that work as tie-down points to secure the cart during transit.


If you don’t have enough room in your garage to store your golf cart but you still want to protect it against the elements, an enclosed golf buggy trailer is highly recommended. We can provide you with a golf buggy trailer for sale that has enough room inside it to store both the cart and your golf clubs, making this trailer a convenient choice. Its large rear door makes loading and unloading golf carts very easy, plus there’s also a side door if you want to get inside without having to open up the whole trailer.


Although we’re primarily a trailer manufacturer, Blue Star Trailers also offers golf carts for sale in Victoria. Our selection of golf carts are made from quality materials, are incredibly versatile, and are ideal for travelling across both short and long distances on the golf course. Our options are very easy to drive and have plenty of space for you to place your golf club bags and accessories in. Contact our team next time you’re looking for golf carts for sale in Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria.


If you’re looking for a golf cart and trailer for sale, look no further than Blue Star Trailers. Call us today on (03) 9042 4390 or contact us online to speak to a friendly and helpful member of our staff, or visit us at our premises to discover our range of golf trailers for sale in person.

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